It was a day of rejoicing as the people of Awgu, Aninri and Oji-River were filled with joy and gladness on their faces as they received gifts from their representative in the federal level, Hon. Toby Okechukwu.

The deputy minority leader who has made it a habit to continuously spoil his constituents with gifts and empowerment did it again today again, the 15th of May at Awgu Civic center Ugbonabo where he distributed refrigerators and cash gifts to his constituents.


The lawmaker has before now distributed generators, grinding machine, okadas, tricycles, gas cookers, kitchen utensils, whiteboard, transformers, amongst others has indeed curried favor in the eyes of his people whom he has done more than just representation.

Speaking at the event, the lawmaker thanked all those who gathered to accept his gift stating that it was an honor for him to serve them as they made it continually possible for him to be at the position he is.

Thanking them immensely for their support, he added that he will never forget their sacrifice which has made it possible for him to be where he is, and that is the reason why he will keep on doing anything he can do for them.

Speaking on his cordial relationship with the governor of Enugu state, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, he said “before I came into the house of representative I was a legislative aide, by then I worked with four members of the national assembly from the south-east , and Gburus was one of them and that was in the 6th assembly. Since then he continued to be my leader, even when he was chairman house committee on marine transport and since then we have been friends.

“Those who are suddenly  trying to cause problem don’t know how we started, because the loyalty we had then is the same loyalty we have now, so we work well, and he is also working well with Senator Ike Ekweremadu. PDP is one family, and there isn’t any need people creating boundaries and creating malice” he reassured all gathered.

Speaking in an interview with UGAMATV, the lawmaker defined his act as a matter of extending his gratitude to his people for what they have done for him.

“The things we have done in the past in education, infrastructure, empowerment should be sustained and increased so that those who have not had the benefit of having that will also partake.

“With the gifts they have received so far some of them might decide to use it by selling ice blocks or cold water which will also serve as a poverty alleviation scheme”, he concluded.

In an interaction with one of the beneficiaries of the refrigerator, Hon. Ani-izu Odinaka told UGAMATV what the lawmaker’s motive for his gifts was, stating that “His motive for doing this is not something we can just say because he have been doing it for years now.

“From day one he started representing us he has been doing well. In terms of education, human empowerment and agriculture he has touched everywhere, so giving this to his constituents is not because the election is around the corner, but because of his love for his people. I advise that they should not sell it to people but to make use of it by commercializing it as it can serve them in starting up something small”, he concluded.

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