Rescued: Abia State Police Save 11-Year-Old Girl from Alleged Abuse by ‘Uncle

Human right activists and men of the Abia State Police Command have rescued an 11-year-old girl from her allegedly abusive ‘uncle’ in Aba. 

The Abia State Director of Behind Bars Initiative, Ochiegbu Marvelous, who disclosed this on Saturday, May 18, 2024, said the girl works as a maid for the suspect and they are not related.

According to Mr. Ochiegbu, the rescue which was heralded with jubilation by residents of the area, took a surprising turn when the victim started crying, claiming that the bruises on her body were as a result of an accident. 

“Yesterday we succeeded in rescuing the 11year old girl that was reported to be abused in Aba by the uncle. But to my greatest surprise, the victim has been crying since yesterday saying that it was an accident,” he wrote. 

That she dashed her head on the wall. That the uncle has been good to her. Even when we separated the both of them, she still insists that she wants to stay with the uncle.

Till now the man still insisted that it was an accident. It surprises me the type of accident. Looking at the victim’s pictures and her body filled with bruises and they are telling me is an accident.

You need to see joy and jubilations in the street as Abia state BBI team and officers of Abia State Police Command Abayi Police division storm the location,

You need to see how everyone was blessing us for coming to rescue the child. And somebody is telling me is an accident! I know the denial from the victim is not ordinary, is either diabolic or spiritual.

Till now , am not comfortable with this. Because how can a single young guy like this, keep this small girl of 11years in his house as a maid? Somebody that is not in any way related to him? What for? 

I won’t say what am suspecting but let it not be. The little girl is from Amichi in Nnewi ANAMBRA state. She will be handed over to her parents today.

How I wish our Amiable Governor Alex C. Otti or a kind-hearted citizen of Abia state will help us in building Rehabilitation Center for victims, it will go a long way in making our job easier.

I want to thank my team Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation Abia State Chapter you guys are wonderful.

I want to thank the DPO Abayi Division Aba Abia state and the OC Surveillance Abayi Division Supol Uche and his team in making this job easier for us. God bless you all. 

This Officer is a human right activist a swear . He hates injustice. Brings out his resources in serving humanity. 

Imagine officer hiring a Keke with his money just to make sure, we succeeded in rescuing this girl impressed with this. Thank you sir. Your own no go spoil sir. You will live to witness more promotions in your field in Jesus name amen. Thank you all. 

Thank you My Boss Harrison Gwamnishuthe DG BBI Nigeria. Thank you my Team. Thank you all. Keep supporting BBI Abia state. We are here to serve humanity.

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