Pupils Protest Invasion Of Premises By Land Grabbers, Policemen, Seek Government’s Probe

Pupils of Shalom Nursery and Primary School and Cedar College in the Baruwa area of Ipaja, Lagos State, have protested the invasion of the premises by land grabbers.

Armed thugs in company with two policemen were said to have stormed the school premises last Saturday, terrorising and sacking all those found within the place.

The pupils, who said that their lives and academics were now being threatened by the incident, called on the Lagos State Government to intervene in the matter while brandishing placards of all kinds during a demonstration on Monday.

According to founder of the academic institution, Mrs Adedayo Odeka, when she requested for a copy of the court judgment upon which the action was premised from the two policemen that accompanied the land grabbers, they couldn’t produce any document.

According to her, the land in question was bought from government with no dispute or any court matters involved.

She said, “We plead with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to intervene, there is no dispute on the land. We are begging government to come and rescue us from the land grabbers.”

Odeka further disclosed that management of the school alerted the Divisional Police Officer of Alagolo Police Station, Ipaja, who called both parties to a meeting in a bid to resolve the issue amicably.

She, however, revealed that the land grabbers left the meeting angrily only to invade the school to terrorise those there.

Principal of the college, Mrs Oluwatoyin Okocha, while confirming the incident, added that all efforts to appeal to the invaders fell on deaf ears as they threatened to shoot anyone trying to stop their mission.

Chairman of the school’s Parents Teachers Association, Mr Champion Afolayan, while commenting on the issue, said, “The hoodlums that invaded the school numbered 100, we passed through the back gate to rescue the students and our daughter, a boarder.

“Our children should be considered; they are our future leaders; their mates are in school, while they are outside.”

Spokesperson for the police in Lagos, Benjamin Hundeyin, when contacted stated that the issue was a civil matter, adding that the law enforcement agency would not interfere except criminality was established.

He said, “If they start fighting we are going to step in but as long as it is over land, we would not step in.”

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