PSG leaves Kylian Mbappe out of their Japan tour: Decisive weekend for Real Madrid

It took PSG only a single tweet to get all Real Madridfans excited over Kylian Mbappe’s possible arrival. Over the last few days, there had been a lot of speculation about the player’s final decision to either stay in Paris or finally play in La Liga. Just as required, Kylian Mbappe returned to PSG’s training sessions this past week and he was spotted wearing the team attire while training alongside his brother. Both Kylian and Ethan Mbappe seemed happy to train together as the list for the Japan pre-season tour was being decided. On Friday, PSG made a massive statement simply by posting the list on their official website. There is no sign of Kylian Mbappe, who is still deciding his future at the club.

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Is Kylian Mbappe officially for sale?

PSG’s plan was fairly simple when Kylian Mbappe arrived back from his holiday. They were instructed to convince the player to stay with some outrageous offer or officially put him for sale by excluding him from this tour. The ladder happened and all Real Madrid fans are feeling the French forward’s arrival closer than ever. Journalist Fabrizio Romano confirmed that PSG are considering Kylian Mbappe officially for sale but they haven’t specified whether they will sell him to Real Madrid or any other potential suitor. The only other options that could prevent Kylian Mbappe from playing at Real Madrid are a few teams from the Premier League.

MARCA’s reported that this past week was going to pick up steam in terms of Kylian Mbappe’s future and this list is the exact manifestation of that. This Friday, there were also reports of an unconfirmed 10-year offer for $1 billion that Kylian Mbappe must’ve rejected. According to Polo himself, the French club considers Kylian Mbappe already decided to leave the club for free in 2024 and consider this the highest possible form of treason. Buckle up for a dramatic weekend and an open front between Mbappe and PSG.

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