High Chief Ikechukwu IgaH honoured as “Okpata-zuo ora of Umuezugwu ni Amozalla of Egede.”

Hight Chief Ikechukwu Iga has been honoured by his kinsmen as “Okpata-zuo ora of Umuezugwu na amozalla” of Egede community Udi local government area of Enugu state.

Chief Iga is known for his humanitarian service and philanthropy which has brought social and economic development to the community over the years .

He has dedicated his time and resources towards improving the lives of his people through his philanthropic efforts, which has empowered countless individuals and families, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout the community.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Ifeanyi, ogenonife ononaeyi 1 of Egede described Chief Iga as a true son of the clan who has been a helper and support system to the community.

Also, Mr. Augustin Uche who testified of his developmental efforts, described him as a man of peace who have continued to ensure peace in the community, noting that he has help alot of widows through his philanthropic projects.

Similarly, Ichie Kenneth  urged other illustrious sons from the Community to imitate his good works and  wished him the strength and wisdom to continue his impactful work.

Ichie Kenneth also said that Chief Iga’s leadership would inspire others to contribute their skills and resources towards the betterment of the community.

Also speaking, Chief Vitus Ugwu said that chief Iga is a man known for his kind heartness and have endeared himself to his people through his selfless acts of generosity and compassion. 

Chief Ugwu  while expressing confidence in Okpata zuo ora,  leadership, urged the community to rally behind their chief and support his vision for a better future for all.

The Community leader of Egede,  Chief Christian Agunaeche ibe 1 na Egede while raining prayers on “Okpata zuo ora  expressed confidence in his capacity to out live his expectation in discharging his duty, noting that his philanthropic projects has already brought about positive change and development to the community.

Agunaeche ibe advised Chief Iga to bring people together and foster a sense of unity, and prayed for long life and good health, and wisdom.

In his remark, Chief Ikechukwu Iga, “Okpata zuo ora Umuezugwu na amozalla” expressed happiness for the honour bestowed on him by his people, acknowledged the trust placed in him and promised to work tirelessly to improve the living conditions of the residents.

Chief Ikechukwu Iga emphasized the importance of unity among the community members and called for their support in achieving their shared goals and affirmed his commitment to serving his people with integrity and dedication.

He also used the opportunity to appreciate those who came from far and near to celebrate with him.

The event was graced by men of substance and influence from different parts of the nation.

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