Basically, there are three types of jobs but the best of them is that job you derive satisfaction from.

There are jobs that pay you really well, there are those that have to do with helping people and making a difference in their lives; and the last one is the job that gives you immense satisfaction.

In no particular order, here are some of the professions, Alison, a free learning platforms for education and skills training consider as jobs that can give you immense satisfaction.

1. Teaching

Anywhere in the world, the role of a teacher is irreplaceable. It is a career that is driven by passion and commitment. Teaching is one of those jobs that help in molding and shaping the lives of people by imparting knowledge and wisdom into young minds. No wonder some people believe teaching a calling not a career.

2. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is such a satisfying career that millions of people nurse the idea of having their own business to become their own boss. According to Alison, a platform for online courses, a recent survey showed that 63% of millennials want to become entrepreneurs.

3. Pharmacy

Apart from the fact that pharmacists get good pay, it is a cool job that gives you a great satisfaction when you guide and help patients during emergency.

4. Writing

Remember the paradox that the pen is mightier than the sword. That saying underlines the power of writers. They pour their thoughts every time and those thoughts have the power to change lives.

5. Psychology

This career might not be very popular, but hey, it is one career path that comes with a great joy for those practicing it. Psychologists’ satisfaction and career fulfilment lie in their ability to improve people’s lives by trying to understand their emotional state.

6. Art

Art is all about expression. And according to a study published by the Journal of Cultural Economics, Artists have higher job satisfaction over other profession.

7. Human Resources Management

Human Resources Managers are the brain behind the smooth running of an organization. They lead the people and the organization by handling all workplace issues.

8. Nursing

Described as the heartbeat of healthcare, the learning platform considers nursing as a career that will give you a stable financial future. Apart form this, it is a profession that guarantees job security and personal fulfilment.

9. Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists deal with patients nd lead them on their journey to recovery. Their job role is not only fulfilling but also very dynamic because they can work in many work environments, like sports centres, gyms, or hospitals.

10. Health Service Management

The job of Health Service Managers come with a great pay and career satisfaction. They handle several management functions in healthcare, including communications and supervision.