It is indeed a humongous burden to contest against Peter Ndubuisi Mba in this coming Gubernatorial election in Enugu state for so many reasons.

He is from Owo, a community in Nkanu East LGA, which fits most appropriately into where the Governorship position is zoned by Enugu State stakeholders.

Secondly, his Manifesto which is the economic blueprint speaks to the numerous problems and challenges of the state. He outlined what he intends to achieve and “how” to get them accomplished. He promised to grow Enugu’s GDP from the existing paltry $4billion to an ambitious $30 billion within 8years. He promised to make Enugu State exit the poverty conundrum in a record time. He planned to clear the backlog of arrears of pensions and gratuity of all the civil servants in the state. He equally plans for a huge infrastructural development and massive Industrialisation to cure the existing unemployment and reduce the cost of governance by running a “lean” government.This he wants to achieve by doing things efficiently and differently. He also plans to introduce a model of governance that could be referred to as “disruptive innovation”

Peter Mba has a good measure of experience in both private and public service, he is well liked, well schooled and is ready and prepared for the job among other reasons.

That Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mba agreed to step out of his lucrative and flourishing Oil and gas business among his other business concerns is refreshing, comforting and energising.

That he elected and volunteered to intervene in the affairs of the fastly and vastly degenerating political, Social and economic fortunes of ndi Enugu amounts to a huge sacrifice of monumental dimensions, particularly at this point in time in our national life and history.

Sifting and sieving through his background, upbringing, training, his infectious and disarming humility, his unimpeachable character and resilience, his capacity, competencies, patience, manifest intelligence and expertise, it becomes a huge burden and indeed a major challenge to his opponents who could only be walking up a mountain, who apparently shall suffer a dose of unmitigated failure, palpitations and anxiety in the course of the contest.

To compare him with his competitors in quality becomes a huge challenge and it’s like comparing a giant and lilliputians.
He towers above them all in all ramifications.

He exudes and displays this mien and conduct, his child-like attitude and mannerism signposts a well bred and truly focused Nigerian entrepreneur with ecumenical candour devoid of malice.

He’s never engaged in abusing his opponents or resort to foul languages against his fellow contestants in the course of his campaigns, a clear departure from the typical Nigerian politician

He aspires to govern the entirety of Enugu be Governor of Nkanuland, Agbaja, Nsukka or greater Awgu.This desire to govern Enugu is almost to a point of obsession will devoid of discrimination, clannishness or favouritism , never divisive, nepotic, acrimonious or vengeful.He has never attempted to retaliate to the vitriolic and toxic campaign of calumny and mud slinging of many misguided Gubernatorial opponents and their supporters.

Peter Mba is a good man, a good market that is easy to sell, such that former Governor of old Anambra State, Senator JNwobodo the iconic father of Enugu’s modern politics could not be wrong.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu ( Ikeoha Ndigbo)who gave him his approval and endorsement could not be wrong, Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo, the first Governor of old Enugu State could not be wrong, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, the former Governor of Enugu State, and patriarch of Ebeano political movement could not be wrong, Barr. Sullivan Iheanacho Chime former Governor of Enugu State who endorsed him recently could not be wrong either, the incumbent Governor of Enugu State Dr Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi who facilitated his nomination as the candidate of PDP couldn’t be wrong.

However, Space and time would not permit this writer to unveil or enumerate the approval list and catalogue of all the endorsers of Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mba in his current quest to lead the people of Enugu State.

There’s this belief and conviction that so many people of high political networth, timber and calibre in Enugu State and beyond repose in this man Peter Ndubuisi Mba that attracts like the bee and the necter.

Meanwhile, the rescheduled 2023 Governorship election comes up on the 18th March being next Saturday, it is important and imperative that the people of Enugu state should snatch this golden opportunity to reconstruct, reignite, retool and rebuild Enugu State without fail and the clarion call is for all eligible voters to go and cast their votes for him the PDP candidate.

Ndi Enugu, you are urged to do so for posterity, please do so for better and progressive Enugu State, do so for the rebirth of a new Enugu State, do so for the sake of your children and your children’s children because yours sincerely has already made up my mind to vote Peter Mba on the appointed date.

Do so because you will not regret the decision.

Austin Okolie PhD

Aluminus of National Institute for Policy and Strategic studies (NIPSS, Kuru-Jos)

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