Digital Solutions Research Will Boost Nigeria’s Nutrition-Shettima

“We must embrace technology, leverage digital solutions, and invest in research and development to discover sustainable and scalable solutions for our nutrition challenges.

“This aligns with our pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage,” he said.

 He also said through harnessing the power of innovation and making prudent investments, the country can fundamentally transform the nutritional landscape in Nigeria, creating lasting and meaningful change.

“We must collaborate to enhance nutrition governance, ensure the widespread availability of nutritious food, champion optimal infant and young child nutrition, and bolster nutrition education and awareness campaigns, he emphasised.


According to him, while funding is undeniably crucial, the industry must also prioritise streamlining processes, implementing practical strategies, and fostering genuine collaboration to overcome the hurdles before us.

A healthy nation he said, isn’t just a happier one; it’s also safer which underscores the necessity of the gathering. This occasion is not only to emphasize that the quality of what we consume is just as important as the quantity but also to renew our commitment to understanding the connection between food and human security.

It is a testament to the priority accorded to nutrition of every Nigerian in line with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s agenda for food and nutrition security in Nigeria.

He said the council being inaugurated, stands ready to foster political determination and the utilisation of the nation’s resources to eradicate malnutrition.

“This is our realistic pathway towards attaining the objectives outlined in the National Policy on Food and Nutrition.

“I am, therefore, confident that the diverse assembly of stakeholders within this council will facilitate comprehensive multi-stakeholder engagement, encompassing various sectors such as health, agriculture, social protection, and more, as well as spanning across different levels of government.

“I acknowledged the support of stakeholders in the private sector and the UN system, we are truly fortunate to have partners who offer their technical, subject matter, and financial expertise to support the government’s efforts in addressing this pressing challenge, “added Shettima

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