About Us


Ugama tv is an online television news platform, whose cardinal principle is anchored on dishing out incisive, genuine and versatile news that would cut across every sphere of human activity, from authentic local and international sources.

It is worthy of mention that this news platform, is a subsidiary of Chucks movies production ltd, a multimedia house with headquarters in Lagos Nigeria and branch in Enugu.

This news platform came alive, because of the public crave for genuine information, at a time peddlers of untrue stories /news have infiltrated the journalism profession, with total disregard for ethics guiding the noble profession, while the unsuspecting public is at the receiving end. We are here to bridge this yawning gap between half truth, falsehood and and legitimate journalism based on truthful reportage of events.

We shall provide clarity of information and not propaganda, just as we envision captivating and quality programs that will suit the interest of our teeming audience.

With the collaboration of our management and staff, we promise that Ugama tv shall continue to serve and service public interest through dishing out daily news, video footage and other relevant programs and materials that will convey the right information to the public.

Our Vision

To create and provide intellectually based, cultural and people oriented programs, and news from all over the world.

To provide an avenue/platform that would encompass and capture public voices, reactions and pulse towards trending issues, with the hope of proffering solutions to envisaged challenges where necessary, through expert inputs, and giving hope that would ameliorate situations.

We pledge to do our best while counting on your patronages.

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