10 Reasons to Be in a Relationship

1.Being in a relationship teaches you to act less selfishly:

Many times, most people have those bouts where they tend to act selfishly.This could be when they want to do the little things like a refusal to stand up in the train for an older person to sit down, or for the bigger things like saving your loved one from fire, before thinking of any other person stuck in the house.There are so many things that change after being in a relationship.You would begin to be less selfish as your attention begins to move from ‘me’ to ‘us.’ You would find yourself thinking more about your partner than you, prioritizing their opinions, and looking for ways to make them feel loved.One of the first reasons to be with someone is that you learn to start thinking of someone other than yourself.

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2. You get someone who clearly understands you.

If you’ve experienced a lot of misunderstanding from the people around you, this point may benefit you more.There’s nothing as satisfying as the knowledge that someone out there gets you, supports you, and is rooting for your success. Even when you make mistakes, you can count on that person to be there for you.This is one of the major benefits of being in a relationship. When you’re in a romantic relationship with your partner, you have the assurance of at least one person who loves you for who you are, is committed to your growth, and clearly understands you.The assurance that comes with this knowledge is comforting and can significantly improve your mental health.

3. Love makes you happy

This may be more emotional than logical!If you’ve ever loved someone before (and had them love you back, just as much as you loved them), the chances are that you must have experienced this type of happiness.This is the type of happiness that makes a smile break out on your face whenever you’re about to see them, the joy that makes you look forward to closing from work so that you spend the rest of the night snuggled up against them and listening to the sound of their voice as you watch TV.Medically speaking, it has been proven that one reason to love is because love fills you up with happiness. “Without loving relationships, humans fail to flourish, even if other basic needs are met”.

4. Relationships foster intimacy and communication

Happy Couple in Venice, Beautiful Young People Riding on the Gondola Along River on Narrow Street, Romantic Honeymoon in Italy, EuropeAccording to a report documented by Forbes, every adult needs attention and connection (emotional/physical) with other adults. Oxytocin is released at the human touch, and this hormone is necessary for normal human activities.When you’re with the person you love, there’s this feeling of intimacy that you would experience. This intimacy is expressed differently, including holding hands, sexual activity, or even enhanced communication.No matter how small, these gestures are good for your health, and being in a relationship can improve your health in this way.

5. Feelings of safety

These follow intimacy, and know that you have someone who would be there for you no matter what. Another powerful benefit of being in a relationship is the feelings of safety that come with it.The knowledge that you don’t have to deal with your low times and celebrate your wins alone is both exhilarating and rewarding at the same time.

6. A relationship provides you with a healthy challenge

This will be the case if both your partner and yourself are goal-oriented individuals. This is one of the most important reasons to be in a relationship.Loving someone who has the same goals, aspirations, and values as you has a way of striving to be a better person every day, especially if your partner is committed to your personal development.Your partner is one person who should be able to lovingly communicate what they think you’re doing well and areas they believe you can improve without getting your defenses up.If you can take their advice, all things equal, every new day will meet you better than the previous day left you.

7. Adventures The world is full of beautiful sights and sounds.

From the Eiffel Tower to the colorful beauty of Las Vegas, being in a relationship allows you to experience the world from a whole new perspective.Yes, you can go on adventures by yourself. However, imagine what it would be like if you can tour the beautiful streets of France with your lover by your side.It would be a beautiful experience.

8. Love can help you live longer

Research showed that happily married people live longer than their unmarried counterparts.There may be a lot of reasons for this (including all that has been discussed earlier). In addition, having someone you love in your life can improve your outlook towards life, and this improved attitude can, in turn, increase your lifespan.Also, being surrounded by a loving family and friends is another way through which being in love canopen you up to a world full of beautiful, new experiences.

9. Being in a loving relationship helps reduce your risk of depression

Some of the first things you would notice whenever someone is about to go into depression is withdrawal, the feeling of being alone, and the belief that no one would understand them.However, one of the main benefits of being in a relationship is that when you have someone, you love and trust in your life, chances of getting into depression are highly reduced.First, there’s someone you can call up at any time and talk to them if you have a hard time. Also, the intimacy and communication you have with them allow you to be more open with them.You can confide in them, and because you respect them, their opinions would matter to you.

10. Love is an expression of oneself

Happy Couple Having Date and Eating Ice CreamAnother primary reason for love and relationships is that many people see their relationships as an avenue to express themselves and be with who they would want to be. If, for any reason, they are unable to achieve this, it may become a challenge for them.If you have ever been in love with someone, you would believe that something about them resonated with you on a deep level. Whatever it is, your love for them was/is an expression of your inner self.This is why people may experience bouts of deep agony and pain when they cannot love the ones they choose.

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